A day of surprises.

I had three surprises today. First one was the lilies on the plant my son-in-law Mike gave me for Easter opened more of their blossoms wider. So pretty.


Next surprise was a trinket found by my writing friend Angie at an antique market. She knows I have a 1940 Indian Motorcycle in my new novel that she is critiquing.

And last but not least. The new audio version of Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick was released. Here is the link to it if you want to check it out. https://adbl.co/2VHGFoP

This was a completely fun day.

Birthday Bicycle

My great-grand son, Gunnar, shares the same birthday date as I do, so we get together each year to celebrate.   A few days before our date, his dad called to ask if he could store a bicycle he purchased for Gunnar in my garage.  I asked him to also buy a helmet and that would be my gift.

On our appointed day, winter’s snow still piled deep in my yard. It was freezing cold, as the kids hurried from their car with cake and ice cream for celebrating. Gunnar eyed the wrapped package on my table and I told him to go ahead and open it.

“It’s a Bike helmet,” he yelled, then gave me puzzled that clearly asked why would I give him a helmet when he didn’t have a bike to ride? His dad told he better go look in the garage.

Out the back door ran Gunnar, followed by his two brother’s. Racket and yelling emitted and was followed by Gunnar proudly rolling his bike out onto the patio. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked dead serious out across the snow-filled yard, then back at his dad. “Why would you give me a bike with all this snow?”

I am happy to report the snow is melting and Gunnar is now happily riding his Birthday Bike.

March 20th, Spring

First day of spring and the first early crocus opened its face near the foundation on the south side of my house. Snow is still piled high in the yard but quickly melting. The Montana sky is a bowl of the bluest of blues with snowy alpine mountains circling the valley. Summer is on its way.



Birthday Greetings


In the mail this morning, three birthday cards arrived. The card on the right is from my older sister full of all her sisterly love. The middle card is from my younger sister who is an artist and with her loving hands painted me a fun flower card.  The one on the left is from my golfing buddy with the caption “Every year you’re not buried in the yard is a good year.” Hummmm.

Well, I guess that’s a form of love, too.

Encouragement by a Reader

About the time I get discouraged with a story I am writing, I get a five star review on Harbored Secrets like this new one today. I had to share it.

Marie Martin is a masterful writer!
March 1, 2019
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
This book was exquisite! The story spans a time period of almost 60 years, using flashbacks, and the author does a masterful job of revealing just the right amount of information to us at just the right time — never too early, and never too late. (Probably the best I’ve ever read in this regard.) The author also has a fierce grasp of the English language — she uses a wide variety of words in this book, not to show off her large vocabulary, but because she knows precisely what words work best for the story. In reading it, I experienced the intellectual equivalent of sinking down into a warm bubble bath — a little hot for the first several seconds, but then I relaxed into it and didn’t want to get out. 

Blame The Car Ride is Free on Kindle

Free Kindle downloads on my latest release Blame the Car Ride February 24-25, 2019. Good time to grab your copy. https://amzn.to/2Hoaloj

#Mystery #Suspense

A simple game of chance results in Corinne Cooper’s best friend’s death and sets her on a collision course with a detective still nursing hate from from the past.

Marie F Martin

Blame the Car Ride is released.

Blame the Car Ride is now available on Amazon. Both Kindle and Paperbacks are ready to read.  This is a mystery. I couldn’t decide if it fit the cozy mystery but wasn’t sure so simply chose mystery. It is a story of a 68 year old widow who is lonesome and needs a companion.  She enlists Edgy Brewster in her search. Now there are four men in the picture and one is a killer. It is a fun fast read geared for enjoyment.

Marie F Martin

Free on Kindle

BookBub has put out a new deal on Harbored Secrets. Great time to snag a free copy today only. 1/7/2019


Harbored Secrets

Harbored Secrets
By Marie F. Martin

One horrific event stole everything from eight-year-old Blinny Platt and wrenched apart her family. Now, many decades later, Blinny returns to the site of her Montana childhood home — where old, undisturbed secrets lie in wait…
Free! $2.99

Psychological Thrillers

Harbored Secrets free on Kindle

Free Kindle download on 1/6-7/2019. 709 reviews, 4.4 rating. Grab a copy.

Sprucing Up My Author’s Page

I decided it was time to update places on my website, blog, and face book page.This seemed to be a reasonable plan. It is now a week and I think I am finally done. This is my new banner after six tries for the designer to try and satisfy my pickiness. I think she did.

Then came the part where I had to update the different places I need the new banner. I am pleased to say the banner is now updated on Amazon, Face book and my blog. Still am not done. so I will go into the second week before I find all the places I need to change. The following is a picture of my great-grandson and me looking for books to buy him. This boy wants to read. that was more fun.

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