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Harbored Secrets–Free On Kindle

I am promoting Harbored Secrets free per Kindle download.  2/25-26/2015. It’s a good time to enjoy a mystery based in the revaluation of one family’s tightly held secrets. Harbored has over 140,000 kindle downloads, 346 reviews and a 4.4 rating. Thank you, Readers.  A thousand times thank you.  Marie F Martin

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#BookReview Ratham Creek by Marie F. Martin

Originally posted on A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mommy:
Ratham Creek by Marie F. Martin is a drama filled book with some romance thrown in. The book focuses around Arianne Hollis, a widower, who tries to find peace living in the mountains of Montana. There she meets mountain man Ross…

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Research, a must tool for a Writer

Research is what I needed to cement a story that had been running around in my imagination for some years.  I asked my husband if he’d drive me to the mountains about a 100 miles to the west of where we live. Elmer was a good sport and agreed. We packed a picnic, loaded up our two dogs, and …

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This is from a author I know.  She is in in her 8th decade and going strong and loving life.  The poem is really worth reading. LIVE FREE MY LOVE.

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