Promotion codes for Audible Books

I still have some promotional codes from audible for free downloads of my three audio books. If you want a free one just let me know. I will pass them out on a first come first served until I run out.

A nice new five star review was on Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgewick this morning. It brightens my day.
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read
September 3, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Descriptions painted perfectly clear, every sentence. Laughing out loud and having to share the especially funny moments with whoever was listening. Reubin Englishbee

Ratham Creek now on Audible


Ratham Creek is now on Audible for your listening pleasure.

Ratham Creek is a historical/Romance with woman-in-jeopardy suspense

Arianne Hollis figures tossing a rose in her husband’s grave is the worst of all endings. Then reality sets in when she is forced to sell their home and use all her savings to clear his debts. To escape and come to terms with her future, she moves into an isolated cabin along Ratham Creek. In the quiet Montana setting and with a new job in the nearby small town, Arianne begins to recover. She meets Ross Ferrell, a handsome lonely member of the clannish mountain people. He slowly wins her love, but a deadly family feud erupts among rival groups living along the creek. Arianne can’t understand the violence that runs deep in Ross and his family. He cannot abandon them. Then Arianne becomes a target. Can she avoid the same vengeance that’s corrupting the clan? Can she save him and their relationship?

To receive a promo code for a free download in exchange for an honest review, please contact me at

Reviews are a way to help readers to take a look-see.

I am happy to have another of my stories in listening form.


Blame the Car Ride

Blame The Car Ride is now on audible. Click this link to see it.

I also have 13 free promotional codes. If you are interested contact me via 

First come/ first served.

Happy listening.

Audible free codes for Mrs, Sedgewick

I have more code numbers for a free audible copy of Don’t Mess With Mrs Sedgewick. allows me to giveaway free downloads in exchange for an honest review to help promote the book. If you are interested please contact me at It’s a great time to have an audible book for your road trip and this is a chance to get one free,
This is the link to the audible book if you want to check it out. I will pass along the codes on a first come first served basis.
The following review is the most recent one on the kindle version.

May 13, 2019

Set in Flathead County, Montana, Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgwick rings true about aging in the State of Montana, especially as to the weather. Likewise, the subtitle of the book is truly telling, as it dubs the novel a caper. What is more capricious than life itself as we launch into our 70-somethings? I believe I am VERY qualified to review this lively novel as a Montanan having just turned 70 in January. I am grateful that I am not yet a widow, but I can and do appreciate the rich relationships that the protagonist and her three friends maintain with their deceased spouses. Better yet is the tight bond Roberta enjoys with Lucy, the accusatory cocker spaniel. Marie F. Martin swirls us through her fancy footwork pace that is somewhere at the intersection of old time rock and roll, disco and folk rock culture. Even if you are not ‘of a certain age’ you may well hope to get there. If so, put Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgwick on your dance card. It’s a Montana Two-Step you won’t want to miss.

Golfing Season is Back!

A few year ago, I brought back four shot-size bottles of fountain of youth water from Florida. My brother and his wife took me on the adventure to see it. Well, Carol and I didn’t look a bit younger so I thought for sure it’d work on my golfing buddies. Here are the pictures taken on the first tee box by our faithful and patient starter, Tony.

Before the magic water. So sad and not young.

But after the gulp, this magic happened.

We have fun. Glad the season has started.

Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick

Don’t Mess With Mrs, Sedgewick is now available in an audio version. has given me 25 codes for free downloads in exchange for a review. If you are interested in getting a free copy and giving a review of Mrs. Sedgewick please message me at There are 20 left. First come first served.

This is the link to preview it.



A day of surprises.

I had three surprises today. First one was the lilies on the plant my son-in-law Mike gave me for Easter opened more of their blossoms wider. So pretty.


Next surprise was a trinket found by my writing friend Angie at an antique market. She knows I have a 1940 Indian Motorcycle in my new novel that she is critiquing.

And last but not least. The new audio version of Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick was released. Here is the link to it if you want to check it out.

This was a completely fun day.

Birthday Bicycle

My great-grand son, Gunnar, shares the same birthday date as I do, so we get together each year to celebrate.   A few days before our date, his dad called to ask if he could store a bicycle he purchased for Gunnar in my garage.  I asked him to also buy a helmet and that would be my gift.

On our appointed day, winter’s snow still piled deep in my yard. It was freezing cold, as the kids hurried from their car with cake and ice cream for celebrating. Gunnar eyed the wrapped package on my table and I told him to go ahead and open it.

“It’s a Bike helmet,” he yelled, then gave me puzzled that clearly asked why would I give him a helmet when he didn’t have a bike to ride? His dad told he better go look in the garage.

Out the back door ran Gunnar, followed by his two brother’s. Racket and yelling emitted and was followed by Gunnar proudly rolling his bike out onto the patio. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked dead serious out across the snow-filled yard, then back at his dad. “Why would you give me a bike with all this snow?”

I am happy to report the snow is melting and Gunnar is now happily riding his Birthday Bike.

March 20th, Spring

First day of spring and the first early crocus opened its face near the foundation on the south side of my house. Snow is still piled high in the yard but quickly melting. The Montana sky is a bowl of the bluest of blues with snowy alpine mountains circling the valley. Summer is on its way.



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