Zucchini Muffins!


This zucchini turned….

into this bowl of shredded yummy….

that turned into this counter of muffins for great grandsons to eat.

Marrying Characters and Settings

I have been invited to conduct a workshop on building well-developed characters and marrying the setting around them. Hopefully I can do it without too many nerves getting in the way. For those of you who are interested I will post the practice handouts on the May thirteenth on my blog.

Library in Whitefish, Montana

Urges of March

One of the strongest urges to clean and rearrange and rehang pictures happens for me in the beginning of March each year. I took a critical look at my office and told myself I need one spot in the room that looks neat and pretty.  You can see why. These two areas are hopeless.

computer station


Note writing & bill paying desk







This is what I came up with. It is the narrow wall between the closet door and main door. I now have one spot that doesn’t look cluttered. I think I will celebrate.

wall between doors.

Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick

Come, let Mrs. Sedgewick tell you a mystery story.   2.99 #kindle

dmwms_ebook_final_small-2If you like the post, it will help her travel through social media.

Ratham Creek free on Kindle

RathamCreek2Ratham Creek is on free kindle 1/7-8/2017. A good time to download for a wintry day’s read. One reviewer said

“Good read, enjoyed it all, one setting read, lost sleep on this one”  It is suspense around a feud between mountain folks and town people.

Here is a short link to its sales page on Amazon http://amzn.to/1AuBbeN


Two New Reviews

dmwms_ebook_final_small-2Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick received a couple of nice reviews lately. The book is starting move and readers seem to be liking the story. Thought it would be nice to share a couple of the new reviews.

Format: Kindle Edition

In Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick, author Marie F. Martin weaves an entertaining and fast-paced cozy mystery that follows the crazy adventures of four sassy widows whose lives get turned upside down when a blackmailing maid they employed uncovers long-buried secrets in all their lives, and threatens to bring criminal charges if they don’t pay her hush money. So what’s four elderly friends going to do when all hell breaks loose …. why solve the mystery of course!

Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick is a well written story that has enough quirky characters, intrigue, suspense, humor, and drama that easily draws the reader into these four spunky ladies’ amateur sleuth adventures. You can’t help but love the four friends, their witty banter and their eccentricities will keep the reader in stitches, the intriguing plot twists will keep you guessing, while cheering the ladies on as even calamity can’t stop them from embarking on their crazy mystery investigative adventures!

Format: Paperback

Marie F. Martin‘s fourth novel “Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgewick” was as good as I thought it would be. Ms. Sedgewick wants to live the rest of her days surrounded with her three best friends. She talks them into buying condos that are next to each other. All is going well until Mrs. Sedgewick hires a cleaning lady that decides to air out all of the ladies’ dirty laundry from the past.

My favorite thing about “Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedgewick” was that every character in the book had secrets, some even criminal. I could not wait to find out what every character did since they all seemed like someone’s grandmother. Mrs. Sedgewick is not your ordinary lead female character. She is a sassy, older woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. I admired her for her patience and trying to help people even when they clearly did not deserve it. The other three main characters were all just as loveable. Mrs. Sedgewick kept solving problem after problem. When she came up with a solution for one, another would arise. Just when everything seemed like it would be alright, Martin throws in plot twist. I really enjoyed this book! I hope that I could have as many good friend as Mrs. Sedgewick does when I reach her age.

Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick is a delightfully eccentric whodunit tale that cozy mystery fans will want to add to their reading list!

business-card-three-3Marie F Martin


A Letter to learn by

I recieved this via email the other day from my middle son with instructions to print it out and give it to Gunnar my four year old great granson.  What a fun thing for him.

A grandpa's way of helping his little ones learn

A grandpa’s way of helping his little ones learn



Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick

FKBT_icon_72 Thank you Free Kindle Books and Tips for promoted my new release.


Today’s Surprise.

You just never know what a day will bring. Yesterday when I opened my email, the following was in my inbox from a fellow writer:

Guess what! I get to be with you for the book signing at the local Floral in January

This was a God thing, a nudge I tried to ignore because I felt like a clod yesterday when I went into town for physical therapy. But I couldn’t ignore it (I tried). So I stopped by and talked to Debbie & Kathy (?) — really good visit with them. Kathy asked if I would be willing to work with another author who had already signed up for Jan. 6. I gulped. It’s gonna be XXXXX, I just know it! Lord?? Why her? Rats. Kathy pulled out her list and said, “Marie Martin, do you know her?” Marie!! Thank You, Lord!

That was a great start to a day.

My new business cards are in.  Rather nice to see all four books on it.  Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick starts a kindle countdown promotion on November 5th. It will be $.99. dmwms_ebook_final_small-2business-card-three-3


New Release


Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick is now released. I hope she finds her way into readers hands. Price on kindle will remain $2.99 for awhile.

Paperbacks are $10.99.

Happy reading.

Marie F Martin