Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Kindle Books and Tips is promoting Maternal Harbor today, 9/30.  Check them out.  Always a good source for free and discounted books.

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Fall Blosoms

Today was another warm, sunny September day and this evening a few of my flowers were showing off.  The Rose bush bloomed all summer.  What a delightful bush.  Pretty everyday. The bottom three pictures are of the west side of my shed.  The golden rod is a late bloomer, but has matched up well with …

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Back to School and Zucchini Muffins

Two events happen every fall. Kids head back to their classrooms and I make zucchini muffins. Through the years my recipe has evolved same as my taste buds. I need a little bit more cinnamon, a touch more vanilla, and a cup more shredded zucchini. Here is how I do it. I bum a zucchini …

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