Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Cowboy Howard and Old Bing

The following is another of my grandfather’s poems written on the homestead near Goldstone, Montana. William (Bill) Yeats was published in the highline newspapers in the 1930s. This is one of my favorites because it shows how people relied on their horses. Now if you will listen, A tale to you I’ll bring. A story …

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100,000 Kindle Downloads

Maternal Harbor now has over 100,000 kindle downloads. Thank you readers!!!

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Noisy Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is the common name for the months of January and February. For me, I dwell in the quiet months by making them noisy. When snow covers the sidewalks and the sun is dimmed by overcast, enhance them by scraping a shovel and switching on a light. A book by Tara French will dispel …

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