Monthly Archives: July, 2014

Facebook and Granddaughter

This is my new business card This is a conversation on Facebook after I posted the picture of the business card. It is between my granddaughter and a friend of hers. Allison: Awesome! Where can we get her books? Susan: Grandma Marie Martin, where can friends order your books from? What about for people that …

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New Birth

July is the month of celebrating the birth of our nation. Think of that. Ponder it. This July a new baby will join my family on or near the 23rd. A new birth is exciting. The prep for a little one to enter and be cared for is all encompassing. The tiny person will take …

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Hi Readers

Just want to let you know I signed up for the Good Reads Ask the Author program. I will be answering questions once a week. Please feel free to ask about my stories or the writing process. This is the link to my Good Reads Page. Marie F Martin

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