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Heredity verses Environment

Heredity verses Environment.

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Lighthouse Keeping

Originally posted on Montana Women Writers:
by Karen Wills My adored one and I just returned from a fourteen day road trip/excellent adventure. We saw many terrific things as we drove down the Pacific Coast, but I wound up falling in love at first sight with lighthouses. The first was the Haceda Head Lighthouse in…

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Link to Ratham Creek on

Ratham Creek This is a link to It is a site for book promotion. I am listing my books with them.

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First Day of Spring Golf

Today was the opening day for golf at the Whitefish Golf Course. My buddies and I were excited to go. We are standing on the tee box of # ten.  It is sunny, a touch of wind and grass is greening up. Second picture you can see a snowy portion of the Whitefish Mountain range …

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More on Reseach

By Marie F Martin Last month I blogged about how research is a must tool in a writer’s bag.  For my new story, I discover I need a couple of my plus-seventy ladies to go to a shooting range.  The plot has one of the widows keeping her husband’s gun collection, hidden in a garment …

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