Monthly Archives: February, 2020


Yesterday, Jarrett my five-year-old great grandson came for a visit while his Mom and two big brothers went to an Eagle Scout ceremony. We played, put puzzles together and cooked. The Jarrett asked if we could hide from his brothers when they came to pick him up. Sure, why not, but we needed to put …

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Don’t Mess with Mrs. Sedwick

Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick is free on kindle 2/15-2/16/2020. Great time of year to snuggle down and read about four ladies who really are just doing their best in the mist of murder and mayhem. I also have audio promo codes if you would like a free audible copy too. Email me at …

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I tripped on my porch steps and have some bruises. Of course I told my daughter about it. I got a drawing from her in the mail this morning. I love the cartoon characters she draws. She spoils her Mom.

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