Monthly Archives: June, 2014

Wonderful Begoina Blossom.

<a href=””&gt; When I opened my bedroom curtain yesterday this wonderful was looking back at me. What a gift on a sunny morning. If that sounds sappy, I am.

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Survival in a Rain Storm

Most of my flowers took a drippy hit from a recent two-day downpour. They will survive, but the begonias are thriving. They seemed to have lapped up moisture like a child slurping juice or a baby elephant filling his trunk. They are fat and lush.

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Harbored Secrets Reviews

I am sharing the two following 5 star reviews to thank the readers for taking their time to write a review that says what it means to write story and then have readers understand what you were trying to convey. Thank you. Marie Stunning, May 20, 2014 By bdkcu – See all my reviews Verified …

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