Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Gunnar Olen’s Painting

I finally got Gunnar Olen’s painting by Ginny Merett framed and hanging in my office. I had to use the flash and it shows in the picture and my walls are a pale yellow, but you get the idea. I love having it there. Now when I am stuck on a character in a plot …

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I Won a Painting by Ginny Merett

I happened to run across a face book page that Ginny was having a contest for a painting. Well, I have a darling 16 month old great grandson so I entered the contest. I won! Good Grief! I never win any thing. Today the painting arrived via mail. It is a 12 by 16 painting …

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My Grandfather’s Poem

By Marie F Martin Some time in the middle 1930s, my grandfather Yeats wrote the following poem. He homesteaded a Montana flatland spread just north of Gilford, near a town named Goldstone. In the evenings after chores, he wrote the rhythms that ran through his mind while doing endless chores in his Red Chief tablet …

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Harbored Secrets Free Kindle Promo

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Pretty Autumn Day

Adjectives to describe the day: Beautiful, crisp, colorful, peaceful and enjoyed all with a good friend, who laughs at herself.

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The Forever Park

By Marie F Martin On a summer day visit a few years ago, my little great-grandson introduced a buddy to Woodland Park. I call it the Forever Park because my mom played here as a child, I played at the same pond too, I took my children and then my grandchildren. Now I take great-grandchildren. …

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Old Hat

by Marie F Martin When my hair began to thin and turn white some years ago, a friend gave me this hat. I still wear it when I walk Katy, and I still carry my friend in my heart as we walk. It was a great gift.

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