Monthly Archives: November, 2013

New make over Cover for Harbored Secrets

I spent the past two days working on uploading a new version of the book cover for Harbored secrets. Notice the tomb stone and the tree is moved a little more into the scene. And in those two days, I also redid my Amazon Sales Page. Took forever, but I think it looks so much …

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Table Ready

My Table is ready for the November meeting of Montana Women Writers at my house on Sunday 11/24/2013. We will be discussing ways to bring notice to our group of energetic women authors. The ideas will fly around the room. We will share how when we decide on good project to become involved with. Marie …

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Ratham Creek

The following are a couple excerpts from Ratham Creek, a novel I salvaged from the bottom shelf in the back of my office closet because I was getting nowhere with a novel I am trying to craft. This is where a feud begins. The next morning, October 22th, 1982, a gray unfriendly Saturday morning, Frankie …

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Nov. 10th surprise

By Marie F Martin Yesterday morning my phone rang and my good golfing buddy, Ellie said, “Come for coffee. I got something to show ya.” Two hours later, I walked into her living room and this is what I saw. Now remember this is the tenth day of November. Now I understand that as we …

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Two Fishes

By Marie F Martin Don’t know why but this photo taken on my Florida trip to Sea world last February pleases me. Perhaps it was because my extra fun sister-in-law was a great tour guide and a good sport. I just wonder how many relatives and friends she has shown those wonders to. Perhaps another …

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Attitude VS Gratitude.

The wonderful authors belonging to Montana Women Writers decided at our last meeting that for November’s first week blog, we needed to say something about gratitude. Immediately we all agreed, then one griped about something she was not grateful for. Soon more chimed in, and amid laughter the decision was made to let our blog …

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