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Marie F Martin On my free kindle download day, readers downloaded enough copies to send my book to the following ranking in the free Kindle store. Thank you, readers. Marie


  1. Abby Morgan-Schock

    Hello! I just finished harbored secrets…..a somewhat dark but amazing read! I feel incredibly blessed that I did not empathize with much of anything that Blinny was going through….it made me more grateful than I can express of my state, predictable, and normal upbringing. Usually I like to be able to lose myself in the main character of the novel I’m engrossed in, but despite the similarities geographically,I was more than happy not to make a connection emotionally with Ms Blanche Platt. One question I have though, is where are you from? Probably if I was more web savvy I could find a bio, but I’m a big believer of going straight to the source when I’m to lazy to dig:) my husband have me some insight into the settings of the novel….he is from a small town on the highline, and a truck driver who reads his Gazeteer for fun, and in addition has family who have migrated east to the hills you mentioned Blinny longing after (sunburst area) so hewas more than informed to give me the general area. Not going to lie, it was strange to hear you describe Montana as “prairie land”, as I am six generations deep in the embrace of the Bridger mountains:) I was interested to read that Havre already had a college in the 40s….my brotwent there much later! Thank you for the wonderful book, and for a novel set in such a familiar, yet foreign, environment.


    • I received this comment in an email too. That was nice. I wrote back to Abby and told her my maternal grandfather homesteaded near Goldstone, north of Gilford. And my paternal great-grandparents homesteaded north of Rudyard.


  2. Hannah Thi

    Just wanted to say bookbub led me to Harbored Secrets, I am about half way through and very much admire the authors work. Thank tou!


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