Yesterday, Jarrett my five-year-old great grandson came for a visit while his Mom and two big brothers went to an Eagle Scout ceremony. We played, put puzzles together and cooked. The Jarrett asked if we could hide from his brothers when they came to pick him up. Sure, why not, but we needed to put a sign on the back door for them. I got out paper and a marker and wrote, THE BIG BAD, BAD, BAD. I looked at Jarrett and asked what animal he wanted on the note and with bright eyes and a big grin he said, “FOX.” So, we hung a sign saying the “ A BIG BAD, BAD, BAD FOX GOT US” on the door. Then we watched through the kitchen widow for the car to pull up. Jarrett yelled, “They’re here!” and we ran fast as we could and hid in my closet. We heard the back door fly open, kid steps running upstairs, downstairs and through the house into my office. Then they were in my bedroom, my closet door opened and we jumped and yelled. Scared Brycen and Gunnar. I am still laughing at the looks on those three boys faces and that the chosen bad animal was a fox.                                   Picture by Nathan Hennessy

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