Fort Nightly Book Club

On March 18th, 2020, I was invited to present my books and visit with a book club about my novels and how I came to be a writer. They provided a nice table with a linen cloth to put my books on display and was given a wonderful piece of raspberry pie. In the dining room, I sat at a lovely oak table in a lovely home facing the group of women. I only knew one and hadn’t seen her since my children were small. That’s a long time ago. As we chatted and ate the pie, I felt their need to hear about my writing. So it started. I explained how my great-great uncles had homesteaded in the valley and about raising my children here. I could feel them begin to relax and tease a little bit with fun questions. After pie they gathered in the living room and I had the pleasure of explaining each one of my five books to them. They wanted to know the source of my stories and if they were Montana stories. I explained how ordinary small little happenings were the beginnings of each book and expanded on that. And yes the setting for each is Montana.  That’s what I know. They listened carefully, asked questions and seemed to have fun. They bought seven books and then informed me they needed to have their business meeting. I left feeling appreciated, pie in my tummy and money in my pocket. Book clubs are fodder for an elderly author.

Thank you, Fort Nightly Book Club for the chance to share my work with you.


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