Birthday Bicycle

My great-grand son, Gunnar, shares the same birthday date as I do, so we get together each year to celebrate.   A few days before our date, his dad called to ask if he could store a bicycle he purchased for Gunnar in my garage.  I asked him to also buy a helmet and that would be my gift.

On our appointed day, winter’s snow still piled deep in my yard. It was freezing cold, as the kids hurried from their car with cake and ice cream for celebrating. Gunnar eyed the wrapped package on my table and I told him to go ahead and open it.

“It’s a Bike helmet,” he yelled, then gave me puzzled that clearly asked why would I give him a helmet when he didn’t have a bike to ride? His dad told he better go look in the garage.

Out the back door ran Gunnar, followed by his two brother’s. Racket and yelling emitted and was followed by Gunnar proudly rolling his bike out onto the patio. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked dead serious out across the snow-filled yard, then back at his dad. “Why would you give me a bike with all this snow?”

I am happy to report the snow is melting and Gunnar is now happily riding his Birthday Bike.

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