Maternal Harbor

 Spread out during the months of April, May, and June BooksGoSocial will be promoting Maternal Harbor. Their suggestion was for me to do some blogging about the story behind the book. It sounds like a reasonable request so I will turn my attention on the first book I  published on Amazon Kindle. For this posting I have borrowed some words from my website

Writer wannabes are told to write about what they know.  Sounds easy enough, except I had not traveled the world or had an interesting job or run a brothel or committed murder.  What could I possible know that would appeal to readers?  Well, I know about babies and pregnancy.  I know that upfront and personal.  Four children in five years is a good teacher, and at the time of writing Maternal Harbor ten grandchildren blessed our family.  Okay, how could I make that into a story that readers would like.  They like suspense. So two ideas were born.  Babies and suspense.

What else?  I knew about Seattle and Montana.  Now I had two settings. And, love.  Ah, I knew love. I knew about fear.  Would my children grow, be safe, love each other, learn, make their own way?

These thoughts were the earliest concept for my character Teagan and her friends.  I also knew about friendships, how they form and grow into dependence on one another.  My core group is my golfing buddies, who cheer me on.

So the idea was born, written and grew to become Maternal Harbor. Help along the way was a tough critique group and a few classes at the local college.

Maternal Harbor has been downloaded on Kindle over 200,000 times, carries 4.1 rating on 632 reviews. I believe the story worked because I stayed in my own experiences and added the crimes from watching many crime shows on tv. If you have questions I can be emailed through my website.       

Marie F Marin



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