Today’s Surprise.

You just never know what a day will bring. Yesterday when I opened my email, the following was in my inbox from a fellow writer:

Guess what! I get to be with you for the book signing at the local Floral in January

This was a God thing, a nudge I tried to ignore because I felt like a clod yesterday when I went into town for physical therapy. But I couldn’t ignore it (I tried). So I stopped by and talked to Debbie & Kathy (?) — really good visit with them. Kathy asked if I would be willing to work with another author who had already signed up for Jan. 6. I gulped. It’s gonna be XXXXX, I just know it! Lord?? Why her? Rats. Kathy pulled out her list and said, “Marie Martin, do you know her?” Marie!! Thank You, Lord!

That was a great start to a day.

My new business cards are in.  Rather nice to see all four books on it.  Don’t Mess With Mrs. Sedgewick starts a kindle countdown promotion on November 5th. It will be $.99. dmwms_ebook_final_small-2business-card-three-3



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