Life’s Blips and Payoffs

This morning I loaded my golf clubs, golf purse, health bar, bottle of water, pocket change and me into the trusty Subaru to drive 18 miles to play golf on a wonderful sunny spring day in Montana. Perfect. I even admired my new golf bag I bought at the end of last season. golf (2)I turned the car key to start the engine and nothing made any kind of a sound. Deader that a door nail. What the heck? I called AAA and waited an hour for them to show up, well past the tee time, the nice guy gave it a jump and told me I needed a new battery. Oh goody. I drove to the nearest shop and had one installed. That’s recounts the blip.

Now the payoff. The day was still sunny, the grass in the back green and lush and tall. As I mowed, these cute little tulip faces said hello. 20160408_154347 (2)They are the first of the tulips to bloom this year. I also found time to word smith some on my novel in progress. I discovered a zillion uses of the word step. They’re gone and the sentences are clearer. Can’t decide if this is a blip or a payoff.


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  1. Ginny

    Nice golf bag! So glad you’re having nice weather and that your battery is fixed!


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