Thank you, Bookzilla

What a nice surprise when I received this is a 5 Star review by Bookzilla on my novel, Ratham Creek.

Compelling story of family blood feuds, government failures and trying to survive.

By Bookzilla on March 18, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Compelling story of family blood feuds, government failures and trying to survive. This story is a realistic look at life for generations of mountain people trying to keep the family ties strong. Holding on to family homesteads fighting loss of work, income and steadily increasing taxes.
The characters are believable with realistic dialogue. Not all questions are answered. The ending is more a solution than a cliff-hanger.
Butch frowned at his brother. He was getting too close to something he shouldn’t be saying. “Your new haircut looks like sh@@. Feels like I’m sitting next to a freaking teenager.”
Toad tightened his grip of the steering wheel. “Doesn’t hurt to stay modern. The barber called it a mullet cut and it’s dang sure better than that dirt wad you have hanging down your back.”
Battle dreams:
He managed to fall asleep at daybreak, but fitfully, seeing bullets breaking glass all over, feeling the heart-wrenching fear that one of the bullets would kill, reliving the feeling of water in a foxhole in Nam, and hearing something plop in the water—snake or grenade? Just like now, the threat was real. But how dangerous? Snake bite could be treated, blown off body parts couldn’t be. The wrong decision could last for generations to come in these mountains.
Just once, I’d like to know what that boy’s thinking, Ross thought. But he isn’t a boy anymore. Twenty-one going on twelve.

I may re-read this story and look forward to other works by this author.




Ratham Creek

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