Ratham Creek


Ratham Creek

Ratham Creek

This is the cover for my new book.  I am so pleased with it.  The painting was done by Nickolas Oberling and he kindly gave permission for me to use it.  The digital cover was designed by the same gal who did Maternal Harbor and Harbored Secrets, Karri Klawiter.  She does wonderful work.  The final edits are being done on the story and then the story will be loaded on to Amazon in a few weeks.

The following is a short except from the book.

The three young mountain men entered the windy forest on foot. Trees creaked and swayed. Frankie long-stepped over a newly blown-down spruce as if it weren’t there and weaved surefooted through underbrush. Since toddlers, they’d roamed through the rugged terrain, learning that shallow rooted spruce tipped over in a high wind. Where one fell more were sure to, leaving broken tops, parts of trunks and branches snagged high in White fir and bull pine, which could fall at any time, especially in the wind. The boys had learned to keep watch above while also avoiding underbrush and fallen logs. They dodged quickly through the mountainous forest and worked their way up a high ridge overlooking the Hoffmans’ place. They hunkered down behind shrubs and huckleberry bushes. A few dried berries hung from bare branches, the fallen leaves a golden mat for their knees.

They peered down at Max Hoffman’s double-wide where a woman with two small children worked in the yard.

Intense and quiet, Frankie searched the area. He plastered a mean scowl on his face and his jaws clenched. He brought his Weathersby to his shoulder, staring through its scope for a closer look. He moved the barrel back and forth. This way and that. Staring and staring. Sweat broke out on his upper lip. He licked it away.

“Put that rifle down,” Nathan urged. “Let’s get out of here.”

“I said shut up.” Frankie lowered his rifle. He snapped back the bolt and slid a cartridge into the steel chamber, locking it down tight.


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  1. Dawn Martin

    Very nice!


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