Wonderful Review


I received this most wonderful 5 star review on Harbored Secrets today and wanted to share it and say thank you to AJ Red for taking the time to share with us.


Intriguing and relevant,October 1, 2014

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This review is from: Harbored Secrets (A Psychological Mystery) (Kindle Edition)
Wonderful story of how one generation’s mistakes can harm a family for generations to come. It was not always encouraging with the idea that things could get all better, but a good theme of how honesty can help, even when you are dealing with children that you think may not be old enough to understand. Children can sense that there is a problem, and their imaginations are often worse than reality. (In my own life, I dealt with this. My dad had a heart attack when I was 5, and I grew up believing that it was my fault. I lived most of my life in fear that if I did something my dad didn’t like, he would die. I was constantly told that I should be “good” and not upset him, so like a child, I put that 2+2 together and got 6.) I related to Blinny and Odette’s guilt over things. The impact of mental illness in the family was also interesting. I am glad that we have a better understanding of these things and how to help.

I enjoyed the writing style, and the way the loose ends came together. I also appreciated the theme of forgiveness, and the struggle with it as well. Forgiveness is not easily obtained for most of us. It takes not only forgiving the act itself, but dealing with the aftermath of not forgiving.

The themes of family and mental issues did, do and always will happen. This story could be adapted into almost any time or setting. I hope that people who read it come to understand more about how they need to let go of pain in the past so they can have a better today and a good future.


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