Winter doldrums

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in my favorite recliner, the one I am rooted to, depressed. Too little physical activity was playing havoc with my mood. I continued to dwell in my self-comforting for the rest of my lazy day, knowing full well nothing changes unless something changes. Sounds easy, but how?

The next morning, a thought niggled into mind. Go take an exercise class with the elderly ladies at the local athletic club in the warm therapy pool. I dug out a swimming suit, lucky to have one that covers a lot and still fits. Stretchy fabric is a marvelous thing. Pumped up with my new positive attitude, I entered the pool, thinking this will be a piece of cake.

One hour later and after the in-pretty-good-shape elderly ladies climbed out of the pool, I struggled up the steps, hanging on tightly to the handrail – another marvelous invention. I grabbed my terry robe and made it to the women’s locker room. Donning under clothes over a damp body is no easy feat.

Later, I was dressed and walking out of the large cement building when a bubble of pleasure lifted and grew. I stepped lighter, did chores after I arrived home, and played in the snow with canine Katy Lou. I went back to the pool and will continue to do so until the tulips are blooming.

So why did I write this silly little blog posting? Because it is nice to relearn positive thinking, and I also found renewed pleasure in reworking the Pinkum Creekers.

therapy pool stuff

I hung out all the stuff necessary to exercise in a hot pool, snapped a quick pic, so you can see it is not an easy job just getting ready on a snowy day.

This is my version of chicken pot pie. Nice to eat after a morning spent in water. safe_image Chicken pot pie

Book news. Maternal Harbor will be offered free for Kindle download Dec. 31-Jan. 2 Harbored Secrets will be offered on Amazon’s countdown promotion Dec 26- 28.

Have a Merry Christmas.
Marie F Martin


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