Nov. 10th surprise

By Marie F Martin

Yesterday morning my phone rang and my good golfing buddy, Ellie said, “Come for coffee. I got something to show ya.” Two hours later, I walked into her living room and this is what I saw. Now remember this is the tenth day of November. Now I understand that as we get older we are compelled by the fact of slowing down to start projects early, but I gotta say. This is the earliest any of my goofy golfing buddies has put up a Christmas tree. Ellie is way ahead of the rest of us. She did say she wasn’t going to decorate it until day. That was suppose to take the sting out of it?

ellie's tree

Another golfing friend, MJ, called yesterday to check on me. ? She is two years younger than I am. In the course of our visit, she confessed that she flunked the three questions by her doctor to know if she is losing her memory. She said, “He just had to tell me that so I’ll feel bed” ? If MJ needs verification about her memory, I can testify that she can’t remember sh–.

Haven’t heard from the other members of our gang, but I’m sure I will.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Marie F Martin mariefmartin

1 Comment

  1. MJ Christiansen

    Who can’t remember sh–? I only missed one out of three — and that was only by two letters
    as I said sky intead of sun! MJ


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