the art of promoting

The hardest part of promoting your self-published number one best seller is making up your mind you have to or it will never be a #1.  At first I figured it would be easy.  I would just let Kindle KPD do it.  Wrong.  I still needed to find websites and blogs that would be willing to post Maternal Harbor on the free download days and I also did not want to become what is known as a spammer.  So last month and so far this month I have threaded the needle between the two by carefully choosing which blog to apply to and which to save for next month, which day of the month is more likely to attract readers of my suspense novel.  I chose Sunday/Monday and was quite successful. I figured football widows would download and then spread the word at work Monday.  I will add more learned tricks as I learn them.  Happy writing everyone.  Marie

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  1. Wonderful book and wonderful advice Marie!


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